Cathodic Protection


  • Soil Resistivity Survey
  • Determining Local & Foreign Elements & Conditions
  • Water table & soil tests as per requirements
  • CP system design & Recommendations
  • Execution of job with effectiveness analysis
  • Testing & Commissioning and adjustments for effective corrosion control
  • Effectiveness analysis of existing CP system 
  • Maintenance/ Revamping of Existing/ Dead CP System/ Fine Tuning of CP System 
  • Training/ SOP Development/ Advice & Consultation on Effective CP
  • Solar Powered CP System For Remote Locations

Our Supplies In Cathodic Protection

  • Zinc & Magnesium Sacrificial anode supply
  • Iron & Graphite anode supply
  • Anode Accessories, CP Cables, Splicing Kit, Power Sourcing From Local/ Foreign Manufacturer
  • Metallurgical Coke Breeze